PH End of the Summer Film Party!

Come celebrate the end of Summer with us in style as we rock out in beautiful backyard party fashion on Friday September 9th from, 7-11pm. We’re inviting tons of local film artists, art supporters and more. This will surely be a great opportunity to network and meet other filmmakers. We’ll have plenty of alcohol, several icebreaker games for people to play and meet others, and free stuff to give away.

This party is also being hosted for another important reason: to kickoff and support Prescription Happiness. This is a film project I’ve been developing for a number of years now and we are currently making a BIG push to get it funded.

The film is about a young pregnant woman struggling to hold onto free emotion while living in a society controlled through prescription drugs.

There are two production grants due the week after the party, so we are using this event as a way to raise some funds before those applications are submitted. We’ve been a finalist for one of these grants in the past, and it’s our belief that once we raise some more money on our end we’ll receive at least one of these grants.

To date we’ve raised just over $1,000 for the film, and our goal is to raise another $1,000 at this event by asking for a door fee of $20 to get in. We know it’s a large cover charge but you’ll be getting all the free booze you can drink, you’ll get to rub elbows with many prominent members of the local film industry, and you’ll be supporting a fantastic film project that will employ some of the state’s best production personnel.

So come celebrate with us as we close out the summer in grand fashion! If you’d like to attend, please get in touch through the Contact page so we can provide you with more details.