Potential Location: Condemned Mental Hospital

I’ve been in touch with Chris Grap at MN Film and TV and he told me about this great location in Fergus Falls. It’s an old mental hospital that was finished in 1906. It’s not being used for anything right now, and would be great for the film!


Review on TriggerStreet.com

I feel this was done very well. The feeling that they’re being watched and controlled is there from the beginning. I also want to give credit to the clear display of inward struggle in the older two people, how they really want to do something, but they know they cannot.
What is a little vague, though, is why the boy takes charge, and is allowed to take charge in the situation, when he himself is being monitored and drugged.
Overall, quite disturbing and well done.

Prescription Drug Deaths Major Killer In The U.S.

Excerpt from a segment on NPR:

This is TALK OF THE NATION. I’m Neal Conan in Washington. About 100 people a day die from drug overdose, and most of those are preventable deaths, in which doctors, pharmacists and patients all bear some responsibility.

A recent analysis by the Los Angeles Times found that drug deaths now outnumber those killed in traffic accidents, and prescription drugs are largely to blame. In part that’s because we’ve steadily reduced traffic fatalities; safer cars, stricter laws, tougher enforcement. So where’s the seatbelt for prescription drug overdose?

More at: http://www.npr.org/2011/09/27/140849083/prescription-drug-deaths-major-killer-in-the-u-s

We Did It!!

Huzzah!! We surpassed our goal and hit $3,570 by the time I sent the IFP Fresh Filmmakers Grant out! We were able to raise $2,695 in the last ten days alone. I’m absolutely blown away by the support we’ve received.

Many many thanks to all those who have supported us along the way. Whether you’ve provided feedback on the script, helped with the teaser, attended a fundraiser, made a cash donation, or just put up with my rantings, we couldn’t have made it this far without your belief in this project!

Now I’m going to challenge you to go one step further. You’ve made a contribution, and obviously its made a difference, but we still need to get more people involved. If we are awarded only one of the three grants we are applying for, it’s still not enough to cover the budget. So if you believe in this project, tell a friend. Let them know why you support Prescription Happiness and want to see it made. You can do it in person. Send an email. Post the teaser video on your wall. Share something we’ve created on Facebook. Anything. Regardless of how you get involved every bit counts. The more positive energy we create for this project the more it moves forward.

This momentum that we have created is truly inspiring. Just the idea of this project has given me so much confidence over the years, and the feeling is unbelievable now that we are on the verge of having the resources needed to make it happen. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

I love you all,

Ryan Strandjord
Prescription Happiness

Rallying Call!

The PH End of the Summer Film Party was a huge success. We had a ton of people show up and we raised over $850 for the film. In the last week we’ve received $2,130, which brings our grand total to $3,025!

We are now calling on everyone to make a final push to bring the total to over $3,500 by Monday afternoon. On that day I have to submit our IFP Fresh Filmmakers Grant proposal. Then two days later the Minnesota State Arts Board grant is due which could bring in $10,000 in support of the film. If we can show that we have the combined support of the community, surely they will champion the project too.

Now is the time to get involved and make a difference. Whether we are family, friends, former collaborators, old classmates, soccer pals, or acquaintances through The Directors’ Workshop, the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project, Film Racing, Minnewood, or we’re just Facebook friends, we need your help. 

If you haven’t already contributed to the project, please consider making a donation in the next 36 hours. Every little bit counts. Even a $5 or $10 donation gets us that much closer and shows that you care. This film has been a dream of mine for years, and we are now on the verge of having the resources needed to move forward. I know that upon completion this film will be a great success, and by supporting us now you’ll be able to say that you were involved with making it come to life!

Donations can be made through our fiscal sponsor here:


I hope you’ll join us on this extraordinary journey.

Ryan Strandjord
Prescription Happiness