Ryan Strandjord


Ryan has been an active member of the Minnesota filmmaking community for the past five years. It began in 2005 after he decided to drop out of the Univ. of Minnesota to pursue filmmaking independently.

Currently he’s fundraising for his film Prescription Happiness, producing the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project (with Towle Neu), and developing The Directors’ Workshop. Since becoming a college dropout he’s directed seven short films, was the founder and executive director of the local non-profit Minnewood, and produced the Minneapolis Film Race from 2007-10. Ryan has also helped with the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, organized the Minnewood Film Festival in 2010, has performed hosting duties at several local film events, and taught an acting workshop at Patrick’s Cabaret.

His completed films have come from a number of different genres: film-noir, comedy spoof, drama, and mystery. A few have played festivals across the region and in Canada.

His latest project, Prescription Happiness, is a science fiction thriller about a young pregnant woman who struggles to hold onto free emotion while living in a society controlled through prescription drugs.

Work on the script began six years ago and so far it has been a finalist for the WILDSound Screenplay Contest, a semi-finalist at the Vail Film Festival and the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition, and also finished third in a sci-fi story contest through MISFITS. A few months ago Ryan directed a teaser scene from the script to help raise money to shoot the full short film.

In addition to filmmaking Ryan enjoys teaching, riding his bike, photography, working with children, playing soccer, exploring Minneapolis parks, camping, attending local festivals, watching foreign flicks, and making people smile.