Prescription Happiness is a short film about a young pregnant woman struggling to hold onto free emotion while living in a society controlled through prescription drugs. The regiment of drugs forced upon the population has reduced their emotional capacity to almost nothing. Life has become very simple. Daily activities no longer require the brain to function at even a moderate level. Decisions are made easy since all options are limited. With the vast majority of people living in a near comatose state, their power obsessed overseers are confident with their stranglehold over society.

The thought of rebellion is a near impossibility, and without the thought there can be no act.

Our heroine Angela rejects the medication. She risks her life to experience real emotions and is forced to hide the feelings boiling up inside. One mistake, something as small as a meager smile, could bring her demise. Her lover Elliot is also rejecting the medications, and together they yearn for a better life for themselves and their unborn child.

Prescription Happiness – Download Screenplay Here