Dining Room


The dining room is hardly fit for food consumption. The air here is also full of dust and the walls contain several large cracks.

The room contains a patched together wooden table surrounded by four unsteady chairs, and a lone poster on the wall.

The poster is rectangular shaped and least four feet in width. From left to right there are three different sets of a plate with silverware and a large yellow pill below.

FATHER, 51, MOTHER, 48, both with slumping shoulders and large bags under their eyes. They eat at the table with YOUNGER BROTHER, 13.

When they use their arms to eat their limbs move in a constant speed of motion, and they chew together in a synchronized rhythm.

Angela enters the room, sits down at the table and begins to eat in unison with the others. The meal consists of a gray and pinkish stew, a small piece of bread, and a cube of cheese all on a metallic tray.

Younger brother accidentally spills a portion of stew on himself.

Angela lets out a short uncontrollable laugh.

The others immediately stop eating and stare at her.

She turns to look at her father who is now facing away from her.

Angela turns to look at her mother who is facing away from her.

Angela turns to her brother.

Her brother is giving her a menacing stare.

Angela takes a long deep breath. Her brother stands and goes into another room. He returns holding out his palm. On it is a large black pill that he places in front of Angela.

Angela looks down at the pill, then up at her parents who are staring back at her. Her brother moves behind her and places his hands down firmly on her shoulders.

Angela takes the pill from aside her plate and slowly brings her head back as she raises her hand to her mouth. She flattens her palm across her mouth. Then with her other hand she grabs her glass and proceeds to drink all her water.

After a moment Angela’s eyes slide back as her neck goes limp. Her head flaps backward as she goes unconscious. She begins to tremble as her brother TIGHTENS his grip.

Angela becomes still, then opens her eyes with an absent look. She opens her mouth wide and extends her tongue as her brother leans in to examine her mouth.

Her brother returns to his seat as the parents resume eating.

Angela drops her fork on the floor. The others stop eating once again to scrutinize her behavior.

Angela cautiously brings her hand down to her side, with the pill barely exposed between her fingers. She raises her leg slightly. Being sure not to disrupt her downward movement she places the pill in the side of her shoe, then lifts the fork from the floor.

The group continues eating.