Doctor’s Office


The hallway contains a series of doors on either side. It is poorly lit and littered with small pools of water.

Blindfolded, Angela is flanked by two Executives who carry her from under her arms. Her hands are bound together. Her feet are wrapped in bloody bandages. They drag across the floor and through the pools of water.

Someone screams from inside one of the many rooms. Angela and the Executives pass several doorways before stopping.


Angela is blindfolded and strapped to a chair with both her arms and legs bound together. She has several bruises on her left face. Directly in front of her there is a large blood stain on the floor.

The blindfold is lifted by DOCTOR, 55, a large well built man who wears spectacles a long black lab coat

Angela’s eyes dart back and forth as Doctor examines them with a tiny light. The light begins to flicker, then dies out. Doctor shakes the instrument, but it’s no use.

Doctor places the blindfold back over Angela’s eyes. He moves behind her to read the eight character number and letter code on the base of her wrist.

Doctor goes to sit at his desk. He attempts to type on a large and dirty looking computer. The machine responds with several error messages. He looks over the screen then removes a small instrument from his desk drawer.

Doctor places his instrument into Angela’s ear. A few seconds later it begins to beep continuously. He checks the digital display, hits the device against his opposite hand which stops it from beeping. He then places it back into Angela’s ear.

With a look of confusion, Doctor leans in close to check the display.

He takes a dirty stethoscope from around his neck and places it on Angela’s chest and back in several different positions.

Doctor begins to physically examine Angela. He places his hands around her neck, onto her shoulders, around her waist, down her thighs, and ending on her feet.

Doctor turns his head up and raises a hand to her stomach and rubs it. Angela has a look of anguish abruptly flashes across her face that she quickly works to remove.

Doctor places his stethoscope on Angela’s stomach and listens. As he places the device on different spots, he’s suddenly surprised by what he’s discovered. Doctor goes back to his desk and begins to tap down on his keyboard.

A loud beep is heard, and Doctor opens a drawer to the sound of something being printed. The noise stops and Doctor reaches in to pull out the paper. He struggles for a moment, then tears the sheet out with a jerk of his arm.

Doctor places a small slip of paper in Angela’s coverall pocket.

Doctor goes back to his desk and opens one of the drawers. Inside are several plastic containers containing an assortment of pills.

Doctor walks over to a sink and fills a glass with water. He goes over to Angela. He lowers her chin to open her mouth. After placing the pills inside, he proceeds to administer the water.

A few seconds after gulping the liquid down, Angela begins to VIOLENTLY shake.

Angela’s convulsions subside. With his eyes fixed on her mouth Doctor leans in toward Angela. She opens her mouth wide and extends out her tongue. Her mouth is empty.

Doctor takes the glass then turns and walks toward the desk. He presses a button on the underside and a loud beep is heard.

The door opens and an Executive enters.