A GROUP OF SMALL CHILDREN move about a dilapidated playground. None of them laugh, scream or cry. Completely content with the world, their faces remain frozen in a perfect illustration of indifference.

The children glide down the slides, are pushed on swings, and hang on the monkey bars in total silence. Even their movements are subdued, with each walking about in a regulated manner.

All of the children are wearing blue short-sleeved coveralls with patches on the shoulder and chest. Most of the children are barefoot.

On the fringes of the playground all the PARENTS either sit or stand in comatose state, watching the children play. No one is talking. Each one wears either a blue or gray long-sleeved coverall also with patches. A few have shoes on, the others are barefoot.

ANGELA, 23, a beautiful brunette despite the vacancy of her face, watches the children from a distance. She wears a slender blue overall.

A BABY, giggles in BABY MOTHER’S arms.

Angela looks up to see what the baby is laughing at.

A bright red cardinal SINGS in a tree above.

Angela cracks a minute smile, but is quick to remove the expression from her face.

As the baby LAUGHS, its mother checks her watch. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a bottle containing a clear liquid then unscrews the cap. She reaches back into her purse to remove a small pill jar.

The mother removes the cap, takes out a yellow pill and drops it into the bottle. She screws on the bottle’s cap, shakes the contents which quickly turn yellow. She proceeds to feed the rambunctious baby.

Angela closes her eyes.

The baby is silent. Its mother removes the bottle and places it into her purse. The baby lies nearly motionless in her arms without murmuring a sound.

Angela, with both hands placed across her stomach, opens her eyes and slowly looks down.

An EXECUTIVE wearing an expensive business suit walks up to the playground and begins to scan the area.

Angela notices the Executive, then leaves the area.