These are some of the nice things that have been said about the project so far:

“The trailer looks great! Compelling and well acted.”

Christine Kunewa Walker, Film Producer

“If you help fund Prescription Happiness I believe that your ability to enjoy life will improve, you will become more effective in your job and relationships and all of your troubles will begin to float away (with very few negative side effects).”

Dan Schneidkraut, McKnight Filmmaking Fellow

“Rather than relying on the easy route of letting dialogue tell his story, Strandjord chooses his words carefully, painting the emotional beats of the story using concise but powerful images. His writing is clear and cogent, and tells an important story. I would love to see what he could create through the medium of film, given sufficient means and support.”

Miriam Queensen, Screenwriting teacher at Loft Literary Center,
Brainco School of Advertising, and IFP MN

“Your descriptions of the characters’ lack of emotion are captivating and it feels like watching a train wreck – you cannot look away! We are so curious as to why they are acting as they do.”

BlueCat Screenplay Competition

“A simple script, very reminiscent of The Giver and other such stories, but still different enough to be interesting. The action is clearly defined and not much dialogue is necessary to tell the story, which is a welcome change.”

Slamdance Screenplay Competition

“I am writing this short note to introduce you to Mr. Ryan Strandjord, a talented young filmmaker I’ve had the great pleasure of working with on several film projects.  It takes more than a simple script and money to make a good film  it takes a director with a special artistic eye, great project management, outstanding people skills and a dedication to a creative vision.  Ryan has proven to have these traits time and time again.  From his founding of MINNEWOOD to his work on several SBD productions, Ryan’s commitment to the creative endeavor is amazing.  A few months back I watched the short promo trailer he created for Prescription Happiness and was blown away by the very unique and stylized picture he painted (and the wonderfully unique soundtrack).  As a casting director, I agree with the old saying that the most important part of making a movie is good casting, and although I wasn’t involved in the casting of this trailer, while watching the trailer I was nodding my head and affirming Ryan’s choices in casting some of the finest local actors.  Because of my confidence in Ryan and this specific script, I have expressed my interest in having Walden Entertainment help cast the next phase of the film.”

Matthew Feeney, Casting Director/Producer